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All patient care and surgery done in our facility

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Get minimally invasive foot surgery for bunions, hammertoes and other problems from DuPage Podiatry Center. Most surgical care can be performed right in our office, with twilight sleep or IV sedation for your comfort. Your fluoroscans and state of the art X-rays can also be administered in-office. Count on over 30 years of podiatric experience!

We have offices in Woodridge and Joliet for your convenience!

Get relief from painful bunions without having to resort to pins, screws, or wires in your feet. We can correct bunion problems by using only small incisions.

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Bunion relief


• Hammertoes and mallet toes

• Corns and calluses

• Arthritis

• Bone spurs

• Taylor's Bunions

Surgical remedies for many issues

Laser surgery can quickly and effectively address a wide range of foot ailments, including pinched nerves, warts, cysts, Morton's neuroma, pinched nerve, fungus, ingrown toe nails tumors or growths.

Laser foot surgery available

Safe In-Office Surgical Care for Your Feet