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Foot disease Nail disease

Don't put up with itching, pain, discoloration, or other issues with your feet. Get relief! Most skin, nail, and foot diseases can be treated with proper care from DuPage Podiatry Center. We apply more than 30 years of experience to your problem!

• Fungus

• Ingrown nails

• Thickened or loose nails

• Discolored yellow or black nails

• Painful nails

• Blood under the nails

Treating toenail


• Athlete's foot and warts

• Skin cancer

• Skin growths, discoloration, spots

• Calluses

• Heel cracking

• Infections and wounds

• Bunions and hammertoes

Skin conditions and other issues

If minimally invasive foot surgery is required for bunions, hammertoes and other bone problems or if laser treatments are needed for warts, ingrown and fungus nails and tumors it can usually be done right here in our office.

In-office and laser treatments available

Effective Skin, Nail, and Foot Disease Treatments