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Injuries Injuries

DuPage Podiatry Center treats your foot injuries with a range of methods, including orthotic devices and shockwave therapy. If you're suffering from an injured foot or ankle, let us apply our over 30 years of podiatric expertise to the problem and help you find relief! Contact us today to learn more about our services.

• Shoe inserts

• Ankle-foot orthotics

• Custom braces and splints

• Casts

• Gait plates and more

• Bone stimulator

• Customized devices

Helpful devices for your feet

Avoid foot surgery with shockwave treatments. Originally created to treat kidney stones, extracorporeal shockwave therapy has recently proven effective in stimulating a healing response in cases of plantar fasciitis and other heel pain problems.

Shockwaves prevent surgery

Orthotics can restore your capacity for walking, running, and jumping. These devices treat a range of complaints, including Achilles tendonitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome plantar fascitis, and bunions.

Effective orthotics allow your foot to heal

Professional Orthotics and Treatment of Foot Injuries