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Whether you need care for senior feet or pediatric feet, DuPage Podiatry Center offers excellent medical attention based on over 30 years of experience. You'll get general treatment as well as quick relief from skin, nail, and foot diseases, and foot and ankle injuries.

We have offices in Woodridge and Joliet for your convenience!

Ensure your child's foot issues are treated.

• Warts and ingrown nails

• Injuries and sprains

• Painful arches and flat feet

• Custom arch supports

• Athletes foot and fungus toe nails

• Thick and discolored nails

• Walking problems

Pediatric specialties

• Corns, calluses and warts

• Ingrown nails and fungus toenails

• Skin cancer screening

• Bunions and hammertoes

• Infections and wound treatments

• Injuries, sprains and fractures

• Flat and high arches

• Heel pain and joint pain

Common ailments cared for:

DuPage Podiatry Center is a Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO provider, and also accepts most insurance plans. If you need a second opinion on a procedure or foot issue, you're welcome to get it here.

Most insurance accepted

Quality Foot Care for Your Entire Family